Get your (ice) skates on if you want to see the 2018 Winter Olympics, as the games are almost upon us! One of its cute mascots Soohorang shows off some of the events we can expect to see here.

The Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games begin on 9 February and close on 25 February. The games are being hosted in PyeongChang, in Gangwon province, an area well known domestically for its winter sports. This is the largest Winter Games event to date, with athletes from 80 nations competing in 102 events. 12 different venues will host the events, and medals will be presented daily. The main venue, the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, seats 50,000 but it’s a temporary building that will be dismantled after the games.

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If you’re in Korea during February and would like to check out some of the atmosphere, hop on the new KTX train that goes direct from Seoul to the Olympic host city. Korail has a special pass for foreigners that can be used from February 1 to March 25 to get you around the venues easily.

Team GB is the official retailer in the UK for event tickets. Seats are limited, so check their ticketing page for more information.

For more information on the games, check out the official webpage which is packed with English info on the events, tickets, and schedules for viewing. And stop by the online store for some official finger heart gloves.


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