On the morning of the 4th, avid Jay Park fans were lined up outside Troxy, equipped with blankets, newspapers and pillows, an act that I still find remarkable due to the bitter cold. The only thing that comforted them as they lay in their newspapers was the fact they’d be seeing their favourite artist in the flesh in a matter of hours. Their sheer willpower was contagious; still, after hours of queuing people’s spirits were high and they continued to sing and dance in a feeble attempt to generate heat after being idle for so long. Although the wait was long, strangers became friends in the line and numb fingers couldn’t compare to the euphoric feeling upon entering the building people had waited so long to enter. The building was more than accommodating for those standing, with people having freedom to rush to the front or mill back and enjoy their personal space.

Energy was high as soon as DJ Wegun appeared, with him remixing hits like Finesse to Jay Park he had everyone on their feet (possibly even those who were seated). Hoody was next to take the stage, and her sweet voice had everyone transfixed and wanting more. She played hits ranging from ‘Your Eyes’ and ‘Like You’ from her album On and On. Her voice was smooth and her range was versatile, creating a flawless sound. Although she knew little English she still interacted with the crowd, and everyone went crazy for her. Sik K was next, pumping up the crowd with harder beats from his hits ‘Iffy’ and ‘Party’.

Finally Jay Park took the stage, clad with a bomber jacket with the fitting words of ‘I need a cha cha beat’, opening with his new single ‘Forget About Tomorrow’ which was the perfect song to amp up the energy.


He followed with hits, ranging from ‘All I wanna do’ to classics like ‘Joah’, and ‘Solo’, which was featured on the South Korean TV show Unpretty Rapstar.

It’s been four years since Jay Park came to England, and it’s safe to say it was well worth the wait. He’s come back better and stronger than ever, and although he’s had a long journey to get to where he is now he’s now a world recognised rapper, with him winning Artist of the Year at the 2017 and 2018 Korean Hip Hop Awards. Hopefully we will be seeing more material from the Korean R&B artist in 2018.



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