It’s is February and there are a few comebacks this week from Ash-B, Seventeen and many more. This includes the long-awaited comeback from rappers Dynamic Duo. Here’s this review of their songs for this week:

Ash B

You might recognise Ash B from Unpretty Rapstar 3 as she was a competitor on the show. After having one-year hiatus, Ash B is making an amazing comeback with a track called “Blocked” its features Cherry Coke. This track is about blocking someone from social media as well as your life. Her rapping is on point and she is showcasing her emotions in the song.


Seventeen has made a comeback with a song called “Thanks” This song is an emotional brand of tempo-shifting EDM. This track mixes modern and retro sounds and this touch helped to offset the production more expected moments of the song. The bass of this song is amazing and it gives the song a heavy beat which allows it to be addictive. Overall, this is another amazing song by Seventeen and they do not fail to disappoint their fans.


She is the best known as a former member of the group Sistar. Since the disbandment from Sistar, she has released three songs. The third song she has come back with is called “To Do List”. The song is very good and it’s pure.  Listening to the song you can hear the passion and her amazing vocals. The song is about going through a busy day and having to accept a breakup at the end.

Huh Gak

Huh Gak has returned with a new single called “The Last Night”. This song is an emotional ballad that the lyrics convey the feelings of someone wanting to hug their lover for the last time before parting ways. The music stars VICTON Sejun. Hah Gak is able to showcase his beautiful vocals which suit the emotion of the song.

Hong JinYoung

The trot Queen Hong Jin Young has made a comeback with a new single called “Good Bye”. In the music video, there is a surprise appearance from Lee Hwi Jae and his sons Seo Eon and Seo Jun. This retro trot track is about someone saying goodbye to their ex-lover. It has a fun melody and a catchy chorus. The track is known for her trot style and it’s something that her fans will love.

Dynamic Duo

After a 2 years hiatus, Dynamic duo has returned with the track “BongJeson”  featuring Suran. This track is written by the talented songwriter Heize.  Bongjeseon translates to mean a line of sewing, we can see this with the concept. The smooth melody of the track makes it easy to listen to, with the singers melting into the instrumental of the track.


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