Jay Park, who recently performed at Troxy in London on February 4th, has been featured and interviewed in British style magazine, Dazed.

The article provides an interesting insight in to his UK performance and workings with streaming platform TIDAL, and record label Roc Nation; both of which are owned by Jay-Z. Jay Park also goes into detail about his achievements:

“My first goal was to do what I’m passionate about – dance, hip hop and R&B – but I also wanted to support my family and friends and create opportunities for me and people I believe in. It makes everything I do meaningful. I’m gonna continue to do that but on a bigger scale. If it was like, I did this and now I’m gonna eat this lobster and this steak, just me…. that’s not a goal. If I buy a gold necklace, I buy 19 for the whole squad. If I spread positive energy to them, they’ll spread positive energy and so forth, and little by little it changes the world.”

K-Pop artists regularly feature in Dazed’s magazine and website. The genre even has its own tag on the site.

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Be sure to read the full article here!


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