This week’s Fan Talent focus is on the YouTube channel KMoments.

KMoments is a K-Pop reaction channel run by Josh, David, Mark and Gabe who are based in Melbourne, Australia. The channel currently has just under 110,000 subscribers and are very active in the online K-Pop community. The group reacts to a wide range of K-pop related videos and MVs, from the very popular and trending to less known groups and fan produced content. However, no matter what the boys react to they will always show their full excitement in their videos. Although it can be said that the group may have a slight bias towards girl groups (who can blame them) and can be seen fanboying to their favourite groups like the rest of us. This is extremely refreshing on a platform that has seen trends of creators on YouTube coming across as increasingly serious – also I completely relate to Josh shouting “YO L.E! MY BAE” in the video below.

The casual and talkative style of the KMoments YouTube channel instantly makes the viewer feel like they’ve come over to their friend’s house. Not only are the guys good at reacting to the video they’re watching, they’re also absolutely hilarious.

A great example of this is their video series reacting to Twice. Each video usually begins with the boys in their Twice merchandise and crying over their favourite member in true fanboy fashion – yes even before the MV has started. Fair warning: the first viewing of each MV consists of mostly screaming before they collect themselves and watch it a second time (I mean who doesn’t!)

It’s no wonder that the channel is increasing in popularity greatly and hit 100,000 subs in March. Since then they have grown by almost 10,000 subscribers which shows how dedicated the four lads are to the production of the channel.

To celebrate this, there was a 100,000 subs special video posted in which they showed their very first video, a reaction to Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake, that was posted in 2015. The guys reveal in the special video that the original MV reaction was an entry to a competition to win a Red Velvet album. This just shows that the channel is run by dedicated K-Pop fans who wanted to share their passion for music and have fun with an audience. Also, not to be missed in the 100,000 subs special is a very interesting dance cover of Red Velvet’s Bad Boy, a purchase of 100 chicken nuggets and a Q&A twitter session. You can check that video out here:

It’s clear that the guys at KMoments are dedicated to sharing their love of K-Pop and I hope that the channel continues to grow and create great content!
You can check out all the social media for the boys at KMoments here:

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