The Boyz are back with their new song ‘Giddy Up’. The song is the bands newest release and is the title song from their 2nd mini album ‘The Start’.

The band consists of 12 members (6 vocalists, 5 dancers and 1 rapper) and are signed to Cre.ker Entertainment. The group are relatively new to the Kpop scene as they debuted in December 2017. However, some members may already be familiar to the public through shows such as Kpop star 6, High School Rapper and Produce 101 which have helped the group to gain exposure and promote themselves.

The music video has an energetic and youthful concept with the background of a pinball machine. The video starts with the words “Stage 1 – Start!” and establishes the idea of the camera being the pinball and following the members around the set. The style of the editing and colour scheme are reminiscent of old school video games which gives a retro feel to the otherwise modern styling of the set. Its only a matter of a seconds until The Boyz are dancing enthusiastically to the beat of the song and showing off their charms.

The bridge to the chorus contains the phrase “we’re young and free” and is shown by the members running around and enjoying themselves which allows the audience to see a more natural and carefree side. This also contrasts nicely to the well structured and animated dance routine. The video style and concept allow the band to appeal to the public without having to hide behind an elaborate storyline in order to grab the viewers attention.

We then see the first shot of all the members dancing the chorus of ‘giddy up’ (I am so glad the director didn’t take the lyrics so literally to put the members on horses) and showcase their dancing talents. The chorus is youthful and fun and shows off the members talents. Wow can these boys dance!

The second half of the video follows a similar format and is introduced by the title, “Stage 2”. The outfits in this half change between casual and bright clothing to the classic school uniform concept. The styling of the members is both on trend and comfortable and is very typical to recent boyband style trends and means that each member can stand out in their own unique way. In this half there we also see a rap verse that compliments the pop melody of the chorus and is performed coolly by Sunwoo. Although a newbie to the scene, the charisma that radiates from his performance suggests that he is one to look out for as his talents for performing are clear in the MV.

The music video finishes off with the chorus that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head after listening to it only once. With a style and energy similar to that of established groups like Seventeen, up10tion and SF9, ‘Giddy Up’ is the perfect song to dance to and enjoy the spring sunshine.

With a band of 12 members, it could be easy for people to overshadow each other. However, it is clear through the video that each member has their own unique talents and charms to showcase and are all on an equal level.

The Boyz are relatively new onto the Kpop scene, but I predict that they may be one to watch in the future. Check out their YouTube channel here.


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