It is time to step into spring and this Sunday, we have a sweet pop track to get you ready for fresh mornings and sweet days. Lovelyz have made their comeback this month with their latest fourth mini-album, “Heal” along with the title track, “That Day”. The Woollim girl group are keeping with their trademark styles; teaming elegant choreography with a bright and meaningful track created by Sweetune, who have created previous hits for both them and their senior label-mates, Infinite.

Lovelyz are still within their promotion cycle for this track, releasing different versions of their music video both official and a sweet Instagram-style performance for 1TheK’s Special Clip. Already the official music video has gathered over two million hits both through Woollim and 1TheK’s Youtube channels almost a week after the album’s release. The girls are always known for bright, catchy tracks which seem to carry an emotional message with “This Day” speaking of a break-up. Of course, in true Lovelyz fashion, the song is embellished with a sweet synthpop sound that will lift anyone’s spirits after a lost love.

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If that doesn’t touch your heart, then maybe a little cameo in the video will. Already, the group have gathered attention for a cuddly little co-star who joins member Jisoo in the music video. That white dog cuddled up in her arms is actually their adopted puppy called Candy, lovingly named with their debut song; “Candy Jelly Love” in mind. Little Candy met the group during a variety show; originally rescued from a breeding factory. Despite being old, toothless from the factory’s abuse and suffering from a heart disease, Lovelyz adopted the dog after the show and has been getting as much adoration from Lovelinus (the official fan group) in this comeback as the girls themselves have.

If you haven’t checked out “That Day” or the rest of their new mini-album; “Heal” is now available to buy on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.


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