Since their last promotion of “Shangri-La” in 2017, we have seen little of VIXX on stage – with the exception of Leo & Ravi teaming up for their sub-unit comeback. Now, the “masters” of concepts have made their official return with their third full length album, “EAU DE VIXX” and the tantalising title track, “Scentist”. As expected, the six member group have gone all out to bring yet another unique world; all created by their ever-changing production and sound.





“Scentist” takes a long step away from the songs we have seen VIXX perform as title tracks. In fact, they seem to be sticking with a slower pace similar to “Shangri-La” and teaming it up with various trap and electronic elements. All together, they create a sultry track which is perfectly fitting with their perfumer concept. What is interesting about this track is that a lot of the vocal power lies within the general melody. We almost expect Ken or Leo to hit out with their powerful voice but with this, it is barely needed. In fact, the other members have just as much control in the song and lead the main melody to the point that every transition from verse, bridge and chorus is seamless. Ken and Leo still have their individual moments to shine but their adlibs and melodies embellish what is already laid out to add another sensual element to the song. Of course, we cannot forget about Ravi who acts just as the main vocalists. He doesn’t strain to use full power but keeps to a slow burn to let his husky voice show and unite the song together in true VIXX form.





With every VIXX comeback, a visually appealing music video is soon to follow and “Scentist” is no exception. The members become charming perfumers, donning fitted suits in what appears to be an open bar. The scents are generated through the forms of cocktails, experiments and what appears to be a modified piano. To play along with the mysterious manner and the aromatic theme, the members are often shrouded in petals, soft hues and mist as they gaze both at their creations and into the camera.

Throughout the course of the video, a small child appears and at one point holds a gun but some of the members act similarly to him; possibly as if he is possessing them or they are his internal thoughts. Perhaps they are versions of the crowned boy in different worlds to manifest but these theories are all part of what makes VIXX music videos so fascinating. With the stunning visuals and seductive “scent” inspired choreography, they create yet another ethereal world to escape to and prove once again why fans named them the “Concept Kings”. If you are yet to listen to their latest track; it is best experience first through the music video to get the full effect. Trust us. You will not be disappointed.


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