After dropping their mini album “Full Moon” back in November, and a set of singles early this year under their “Re:flower” project, EXID is back with a new digital release – “Lady”! This also marks EXID’s third promoted comeback without member Solji, as she is still in recovery from hyperthyroidism. Hopefully, she’s able to spring back to full health soon!

To put it simply, it’s the 1990s written all over. Immediately within the first few seconds of listening to the song, I felt like I was scrolling through the MTV of old times with grooving hip-hop beats from the likes of TLC and Michael Jackson. EXID really help bring this nostalgic concept alive with the inclusion of sassy, independent rapping and chants against the funky retro Jack Swing sounds of yesterday. If you fancied songs like Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” with Cardi B, or Kylie Minogue’s “Word is Out”, then this track is definitely for you!

Racking up around 3 million views already on YouTube (by time of publishing), the official music video for “Lady” is most certainly a fitting nostalgic sight that very much compliments the backing track. We’re introduced to EXID grooving around through the screen of an old TV set, reminiscent of the ancient Analog signal era for television. Jolted filters for the shots featuring EXID themselves make out that it was recorded via somewhat a VHS tape, adding more nostalgia into the mix for a feel good ’90s experience. To top it all off, the dazzling members are dipped in head-to-toe in crop tops and baggy jeans, jamming around wearing iconic brands such as Tommy Hilfiger.


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