TVXQ — also known as DBSK or Tohoshinki — have made their first comeback after being discharged from the army.

“New Chapter #1: Chance of Love” is the eighth Korean studio album from the group and is already topping the iTunes charts worldwide.

The group are known as veterans within the industry and made their official debut in 2003 with five members — U Know Yunho, Hero Jaejoong, Max Changmin, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu. With a combination of strong vocals and impressive dancing skills, they became one of the biggest boy groups in South Korea. To this day they are considered the “Kings of Kpop” because of their record-breaking successes and contribution to the genre.

The group now consists of only two members — Yunho and Changmin — after three of the members filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in 2009.

Since their enlistment, many fans awaited the duo’s return to the stage. To celebrate release of their latest album, we put together a list of top ten TVXQ songs that are essential for any K-pop fan.

10. Something  (2014) 

‘Something’ is the title track from TVXQ’s 7th studio album, which was released to mark the group’s ten-year anniversary. The brass arrangement and mature vocals enhance the song’s jazzy tone and exudes sexiness. The playful choreography captures the song’s perforative quality, earning it a place on this list.

9. “O” Jung Ban Hap (2006)

“O”-Jung.Ban.Hap, literally translated to “O”-Justice.Opposition.Solution, and is based on Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s theory of thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The song mixes elements of Rock, Hip-Hop and electronic trance music, with its lyrics referring to global conflicts.  The MV itself was filmed in several locations, including Thailand, Prague and Japan.

8. Keep Your Head Down (2011) 

This was the first song that TVXQ would release as a duo, following the departure of former members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. The blend of Pop and RnB created a catchy rhythmic tune that allows for solid choreography. This song reintroduced the group to fans and established who TVXQ would be going forward.

7. Catch Me ( 2012) 

The vocal harmonies and high-belting notes are evocative of the group’s older music. The backing track balances the heavy dubstep bass-line with the orchestral riffs perfectly, giving the song the powerful sound to match its choreography. The highly-stylised dance went on to receive critical acclaim, especially for the creative incorporation of lights.

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7. Purple Line (2009) 

‘Purple Line’ was TVXQ’s first single to be originally released in Japanese and later Korean. The song was well-received and reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly sales chart in Japan, making them the first foreign male group or boyband to top the Japanese charts. That impressive feat paved the way for many K-pop groups after them and earned its place on our list. If that isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps the iconic”I really wanna touch myself” lyric will.

5. Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō? (2008)

TVXQ are renowned for their clean harmonies, as they originally trained as an acapella group. ‘Doushite (Why Did I Fall In love With You) ‘ is their 26th Japanese single and really showcases their vocal abilities. Each member’s unique voice shines in this song and then blend together seamlessly.

4. Love in the Ice (2007)

‘Love in the Ice’ is one of the group’s most famous ballads, and truly exemplifies the members’ impressive vocal range and talent. Changmin wrote the lyrics, both in Japanese and Korean. The song is considered as a vocally challenging ballad, but has since been covered by various k-pop groups. Most recently, it was sung on popular survival reality show MIXNINE.

3. Rising Sun (2005)

‘Rising Sun’ is a fusion of Rap, Rock and Electronic Pop, and is the title track from their second studio album. The  unconventional structure of the song is chaotic upon its first listen, but the constant shifts make it all the more interesting. The song was even featured in Fast & Furious during Paul Walker’s introductory chase scene.

2. HUG (2004)

Released in 2004, ‘Hug’ was TXVQ’s debut single and was first performed at a joint showcase featuring label mate BoA and American singer Britney Spears on December 26, 2003. This sugary track is the ultimate nostalgic tune. In 2004, it became South Korea’s best selling record, with over 169,000 copies sold.

1. Mirotic (2008)

‘Mirotic’ is TVXQ’s most critically acclaimed album to date and one of Korea’s most successful single. It gave the group a major commercial breakthrough and is significant part of k-pop history. The term “Mirotic” was actually coined by Jaejoong, combining the Korean word “Niro” (Maze) with English “Tic”.


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