The EXID girls are back this week with Lady, a ’90s retro tribute in the new jack swing genre.

The MV already has over 2 million views – perhaps as noone can quite believe sexy rapper LE is really in shell suit, but somehow manages to pull it off. The girls’ comeback is still without leader Solji, who is recovering from surgery due to problems with her hyperthyroidism.

Hani, LE and Jeonghwa debuted as EXID in 2012 along with three other members Yuji, Dami, and Haeryeong, but the group got off to a slow start. Yuji, Dami and Haeryeong dropped out, and Hyerin and Soji – the girls’ vocal trainer – joined the lineup. Still, it wasn’t until 2014 they caught the public eye, when a fancam of Hani went viral on Korean social media. Hani’s sexy hip rolls to Up & Down have earned 25 million views to date – and the girls have been known for their sexy choreo ever since.

EXID have released four mini albums to date, and their fandom is known as LEGGO.

Recommended tracks

Night Rather than Day

Hot Pink

Up and Down

Ah Yeah

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