Powerhouse vocal, Luna, this week made her highly anticipated solo comeback with Night Reminiscin’ – a slow, pared-back ballad that lets her vocals do the talking.

Luna’s new direction in this comeback is a testament to her versatility as an artist. As part of both F(x) and the group’s sub-unit with band-mate Amber, and now as a soloist, Luna has tackled a variety of genres and styles. Her voice is high-toned and sweet, but it’s also strong and flexible.

As a quarter of the dynamic SM girl-group, F(x), Luna is mostly known for her outstanding vocal ability and her dancing skill. True to form, her solo debut in 2016 with Free Somebody was a funky, animated, dance-led burst of colour on the k-pop scene.

Night Reminiscin’, in contrast, is a sweet duet in collaboration with singer-songwriter Yang Dail. It’s the lead single in the two-track digital album of the same name, alongside the full-bodied ballad Falling Out. Both are strong songs with an individual, distinct flair, although Falling Out has that k-drama OST sentimentality to it that makes it irresistible for a second listen!

She has wowed as a musical actress, as a classical singer and as a trendy pop artist (Free Somebody was even played to the highly enthusiastic audience at Seoul’s Pride Parade in 2017!)

Check out the highlights from f(x) Luna’s first-rate musical ventures below:

Luna’s Solo Debut: Free Somebody

Luna and Amber frequently collaborate for SM Entertainment Station releases



Luna featured on Honey Bee alongside EXID’s Hani and  Mamamoo’s Solar  

Luna covered This is Me from the movie The Greatest Showman (2017)


Luna (Park Sunyoung) and her elder sister (Park Jinyoung) sing a touching duet dedicated to their father on Immortal Song

You can also catch Luna’s personal youtube channel here:



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