This week’s fan talent is Koreos UCLA. You might have seen their dance covers on YouTube. They a group of students who uploads K-pop dance covers.  They come from the University of California, Los Angeles. This group was first formed in December 2014.

The group contains a diverse number of individuals that who have a passion for K-pop and Dance. They create different types of dance covers, which leaves you inspired. They always upload videos weekly and sometimes there are dance tutorials. So, any fans want to learn your favourite dance, this is the channel to subscribe and follow.

The team compete in different cover dance festivals and event, which include: KCON LA, Anime Expo, K-pop battle and K-Factor. The members want to share their love with other K-Pop Fans around the world.

Here are some of their covers:

Here’s KoreosUCLA dance cover of Wanna One 워너원 – BOOMERANG:

Another dance cover by the ladies of Koreos UCLA of BTS song “DNA”

They have gained over 900k views on their YouTube channel and have over 5000 Subscribes. The channel continues to grow every day. Follow them on their YouTube Channel and help them increase their views a keep updated with their videos.

They have social media sites which you should follow:


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