Another month has come and gone but with the excitement, it is very easy to miss out on some big news that slips through the net. Of course, KPop has seen a massive surge in the UK all thanks to BTS and with the countdown to their arrival in London and chart success in the books already; there is still more to look forward to. However, let’s take a look into what is going on back in South Korea to check on the successes and sometimes short-comings of the industry.

01. Damage Control for YG.

YG Entertainment has been hurt hard with the cancellation of the MIXNINE group debut and with their own artists’ returns to the scene trickling in through the year, it is safe to say that Yang Hyun Suk is not every KPop fan’s most popular CEO at the moment. So many best laid plans have been broken hard and there has been massive backlash from fans, the trainees involved and the companies who took part in the survival show’s progress. However, it seems that its not letting “Papa YG” slow down as he has slammed down several announcements and plans through his social media which includes a new Hip-Hop crew, a new subsidary built with HIGHGRND called YGX and a Dance Academy in the works. Although he didn’t have much to comment on the likes of Lee Hi, Sechskies and Suhyun; he has also confirmed that BLACKPINK will be returning with a mini-album in the next month. This may be damage control to the maximum but we will have to wait and see if he can live up to his words after the failure of MIXNINE.

02. Astro Comeback in the Works.

It seems that labels in trouble is an on-going pattern as Fantagio is facing the music too this month. They have had a little history of issues with HelloVenus beginning in collaboration with Pledis Entertainment but now the company as lost membership with the Korea Entertainment Management Association. When the notice was issues, Fantagio admitted that it was unable to meet requirements put into place in order to operate a Korean entertainment management. This was done over the course of 3 instances which encouraged this ruling by the Association. With the company in trouble, fans are worried over the artists involved; especially their beloved boy group, Astro. Fantagio has took to the official fan cafe of AROHA, apologising for bringing such concern and noting that the boys were in fact working hard towards their comeback and plans of solo concerts in the second half of 2018. It is not confirmed yet how long that will take as it may be delayed by the on-going issues but we can be safe in the knowledge that the sunshine rookies of KPop will be back in the near future.

03. SHINee dance away the sorrows with “Good Evening”.

It seems bittersweet but we will soon be seeing the return of SHINee; now standing as four members after the tragic loss of Jonghyun last year. The group will be celebrating their tenth anniversary in style by releasing “The Story of Light” throughout the rest of the year and everything will begin on May 28th with the track, “Good Evening”. We have already been treated with three teasers, embellished with a funky electric style that is perfect with SHINee’s eclectic style and infamous choreography. It will be a time of tearful smiles but also a celebration for the group’s return and with this release being dubbed “Episode 1”; we can expect more and more from SHINee to celebrate a glittering ten years in 2018.


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