Unbelievably, we are nearly entering June now! The last full week of May gave us some great Korean music releases. Here are just a few of them!

Victon – ‘Time of Sorrow’ MV
Released: 21/05/18

It seems that Victon have gone largely unnoticed by many fans of K-Pop. It’s unclear why this is, because this song especially shows a lot of talent. It is a song about longing for and missing someone you love. It is sweetly atmospheric and chilled. This track is definitely one to check out if you are in the mood for a more relaxed sound.

 Bolbbalgan4 – ‘Travel’ MV
Released: 21/05/18

This duo’s music video totally encapsulates the feeling of a hot, summer holiday. The sound is quite refreshing, with the vocals being slightly gravelly. It is cute without trying too hard to be so. I wonder who can give this a listen without feeling a little lighter afterwards!

Sohyang – ‘The Song Begins’ (feat. Jinjoo.L of DNCE) MV
Released: 21/05/18

Another beautifully summer-style track that will make you yearn for a holiday somewhere warm. There’s no denying that Sohyang is a talented singer, and this track is wonderfully stripped back and fresh. You will surely find yourself singing “Gi Gi Gi Gins” to yourself straight after listening to it. I certainly am!

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TheEastLight – ‘Love Flutters’ MV
Released: 21/05/18

Wow, the K-Pop world must be really happy right now. TheEastLight have released this really ‘tropical-feeling’ track that will likely get you tapping your foot (at the very least!) These guys aren’t the best singers, but when you consider their very young ages – they still have potential to grow and develop.

It’s super fun, upbeat and cute. I get the feeling that it is the sort of song people will love or loathe entirely, so see what you think!

Eyedi – ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ MV
Released: 23/05/18

Here we have another very chilled out track with a slow beat. This song feels perfect for a lovely slow dance, though it would also work well as the backing for a solo slow dance around your kitchen! (No, I don’t do that *laughs nervously*) Eyedi has a beautiful voice that fits very well with this relaxed, almost jazz-like style.


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