It’s coming up to the ninth anniversary since 2NE1 debuted their song “Fire” on music show Inkigayo back on May 17th 2009, and the group has come a long way since then, both through their promoting eras, and after their decrease in activities since 2014 to their eventual disbandment.

Originally named “Juicy” and “Tsunami” before debut, 2NE1 electrified audiences with their groundbreaking early songs “Fire” and “I Don’t Care”, propelling them into super-stardom within the K-Pop industry in just a few months of properly debuting. The group’s members had already achieved a considerable amount of success, with Dara (Sandara Park) already having gained immense recognition in the Philippines with both music and acting, and Park Bom with her soothing vocals for a selection of BIGBANG tracks and features on other music releases.

But that barrier-breaking fame, brought on through the incredible success of their first album and second mini album, was all set to disappear when 2NE1 suddenly disbanded towards the end of 2016, despite having been in the midst of recording a third and final album with three of the originally four members (Minzy leaving April of that year). The last release at the start of 2017, was “Goodbye”; the lyrics written as a letter to Minzy for leaving the group.

Since then, the group’s leader, CL, has been in the process of recording her English debut album, which has only seen the light of day via short Instagram leaks and snippets posted by herself, aside from a few past single releases. Bom is currently still on hiatus from singing and performing due to past controversy. And Dara, who is currently acting here and there has no set plans for a music release of some sort.

But despite such current setbacks, 2NE1 should be remembered for the amount of attention they brought to themselves and the Hallyu wave back when they promoted as a four member group, and how a mere K-Pop band became the third most successful girl group of all time with over 66 million records sold.

Personally, when it comes to remembering 2NE1 in their glory, despite not touring in the UK, was able to give an amazing performance at the London KBEE event in 2013 where they performed their hit songs “Do You Love Me”, “Lonely” and “I Am The Best”. Being able to experience the last song live was an immense experience, considering how “I Am The Best” is known to be their signature song, and one that would be cherished forever.

2NE1 may have gone, but their incredible legacy still remains. What has been your favourite memory of 2NE1? Comment below!




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