They’re the latest girl group on the block to debut from Cube Entertainment, it’s none other than (G)I-LDE! The rookies released their first mini album ‘I Am‘ on May 2. They’re comprised of 6 members in the group, including Soyeon, Miyeon, Sujin, Minnie, Yuqi and Shuhua. The last trio members mentioned is Thai, Chinese and Taiwanese respectively.

The title track ‘LATATA‘ seems to draw in inspiration from KARD’s style of music from a first listen, though it’s an interesting direction that they’ve taken with their debut song. In contrast with CLC’s ‘Pepe‘, it’s far less sweeter and further away on the spectrum of the typical ‘cutesy’ concept usually donned by freshly new girl groups. Further to the point raised below, the girls all appear to come across as being naturals despite their rookie status. It does, however, raise the question over whether they will gain momentum and success over the first couple of years. Though, we’ll be watching to see the girls’ progress as they certainly show a great deal of potential.

In regards to first impressions, the girls look and sound chic and well-polished, they don’t come across as having a rookie group vibe. The leader Soyeon stands out as she eludes a seemingly casual air of confidence, may go on to help maintain interest for the group for their future comebacks. Though, as the brief introductions of the other members come to light during the M/V, they each hold their own during their individual and group parts. At the start, when the leader is handed a mask, which was also featured in her solo M/V for ‘Jelly‘, it could symbolise that they won’t be hiding behind any pretences, this is them whether others like it or not.


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