Following the success from the girl group’s previous song ‘Boom Boom’, it’s attracted a hefty amount of attention for Momoland. They have risen up the ranks in the K-Pop industry and in the process of building up a stable domestic and international fanbases. Earlier this week, the girls had their comeback on June 26 with their 4th EP ‘Fun to the World‘ and for this week’s SOTW, we’ll be checking out Momoland’s title track ‘BAAM‘!

Right off the bat from a first listen, it’s a definite high energy track. It’s often the case once a group’s song goes viral, there’s a lingering thought about whether they can top it with future releases. Whether it may take only one listen or a few, with this song it certainly has the potential of being stuck like a earworm mantra in your head. They’ve followed in the similar footsteps with ‘Bboom Bboom‘, with the comic book-esque sound effects. It can be appreciated that this is another upbeat, fun infused song and with the upcoming summer, it’ll be a great addition to your playlists!

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The ladies of Momoland cosplay in a handful of various settings in this vibrant M/V, they take you to places as shown with the traditional Korean scene to France and even to Egypt! It looks to be a step up from their last music video in terms of the general cinematography. During the chorus, it’s noted that they’ve maintained their signature hip dance move from ‘Bboom Bboom’. It was interesting to see the response to the success in the Philippines with the national flag being flourished around by Nancy, showing that they were aware of their popularity. The overall energy of ‘BAAM‘ is echoed and mirrored well through the music video!

What were your thoughts on Momoland’s latest comeback?


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