Yubin has dropped a new comeback solo entitled “Lady”, over a year after her former group of the Wonder Girls had disbanded. As part of her first solo release “City Woman”, the b-side track has been shelved indefinitely due to copyright issues surrounding the production. Let’s hope it’s resolved soon for Yubin!

Bringing the 80s back in her first official solo single, Yubin presents a funky and groovy track that plays out through cutesy harmonies and a dazzling instrumental. The lyrics expressed by the soloist detail upon the hardships of a relationship between two working people.

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When watching the music video for “Lady”, the song’s styling is reflected on themes of a bustling city lifestyle, and features  Yubin is depicted in a variety of retro-inspired looks, a further nod to the nostalgia-evoking imagery that Wonder Girls had embodied in much of their post-2015 work of “Reboot” and “Why So Lonely?”. The visualised plot line focuses on her living her best life as a work-hard socialite who is keen to confess her love.




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