g.o.d may have debuted in the 1990s, but their careers are not over yet, as new rumours around starring in a variety show have surfaced. The show is said to feature all five members and will be based on travelling. According to broadcasting insiders, the group has been discussing a reality-show styled programme with JTBC in which the group visits Camino de Santiago in Spain.

This could potentially be difficult to organise as all of the members currently belong to different companies and have different schedules. Despite this, members have worked together before and discussions are said to be positive and progressing. g.o.d have had a successful career in South Korea. Perhaps the show will be in-line with their 20th anniversary in 2019?

g.o.d, also known as Groove Over Dose was one of the most popular boy bands in South Korea in the early 2000s, with members having successful solo careers after indefinite hiatus in 2005. Re-grouping as a quintet and making their comeback in July 2014, they retained their signature narrative lyrical style and their R&B and rap blend.  Due to the lack of overseas promotion as well as their extended hiatus, their popularity abroad has been limited, but some of their most recognisable songs in Korea include “To Mother”, “Road” and “One Candle”. You can watch their music video for “Saturday Night” below:

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