It’s that time of the week! The past few days have been awash with releases from all manner of artists in all manners of genres. We’ve collected some of the best most recent releases, so come check them out. Which one is your favourite?


Is it True – Single Album 

Title track: Is it True

Release Date: 9th July

Turn up the summer heat with this soft track from rookie boy-group Target. They debuted in Korea in January, and already they’re providing fans with dynamic tracks. This vocal-led single taps into the more melodic, mellow tones of summer.



Summer Night – Special Album 

Title track: Dance the Night Away

Release Date: 9th July

Girl group of the moment, Twice, came back this week with Dance the Night Away (DTNA). You can find them looking stunning in a beautiful seaside view. The elements of the song and the music video are super Twice-esque, and completely unique in that regard.



Flor Clarissimus- Digitsl Single 

Title track: Flower

Release Date: 9th July

Boy group Varsity made their comeback with Flower (or for those with a particular knack for Latin: Flos Clarissimus! Meaning bright flower). As of yet, they haven’t released their music video, but that hasn’t stopped these 12 boys from making a fantastic comeback stage.


Gugudan – Semina

Semina – Unit Debut Single Album

Title track: Semina

Release Date: 10th July

Gugudan’s Sejeong, Mina and Nayoung (who you might know from the first season of Produce 101) have finally made their anticipated trip debut. The song is jazzy, tongue-in-cheek, and a shower of incredible vocals. If you loved their audition performance on 101, then you’ll love this.


The Boyz

Keeper – Digital Single

Title track: Keeper

Release Date: 12th July

The Boyz have come back with this upbeat, colourful single produced by BlockB’s Park Kyung. It’s a mellow track with a strong baseline running throughout, perfect for summer nights. If you need a carefree single this week, this is for you.


Wunderlost –  Mini Album 

Title track: Cereal

Release Date: 13th July

This track, featuring BlockB’s Zico, is just as colourful as it is simple. The music video is quite unlike typical k-pop videos. It’s refreshing and super cool. It’s a little avant-garde in lyricism, which is just as awesome too!


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