It is finally here! The end of yet another epic trilogy brought to life by BTS with the release of their special album, subtitled “Answer”. The group’s title song is an explosion of fun, colour and excitement that is perfect for their celebration of love and self-acceptance. However, the shining stars in this trilogy is also the Comeback Trailers; wonderful segments of the members’ own talents and showcasing the themes within each album. For this breakdown, we are only looking at the three official Trailers for each segment so unfortunately, Jungkook’s “Euphoria” will not be included in this breakdown as it links up the entire trilogy as the “Theme” of Love Yourself. 

The first of the three is from the “Her” album; titled “Serendipity”. Performed by Jimin, the video itself appears clean and pure, mostly coloured in white with gentle pops of blue and yellow. The video seems to be looking into the wonder of the world and also love – especially since Jimin is singing of a blissful relationship. The main focus on this image of wonder seems to be Jimin himself. He acts innocent and curious, almost playful at times when he is discovering pain – in pricking his finger with the cactus – and happiness through the world and universe around him. The images in the music video can also cleverly link up to “DNA”, where the galactic detail appears often within their first title track.

The next is V’s “Singularity”, part of the group’s “Tear” instalment. In previous breakdowns, we have gone into this video in more detail on our own rendition so in terms of the trilogy, we will only touch on how it links up to the series and also “Tear”‘s title track, “Fake Love”. In summary, V does hide behind the world in his own emotion, possibly towards loved ones or even himself in the form of his mask. The love that he has created or even the love found in “Serendipity” may be fake, discovering that it can only be given to those who are true to themselves and are “unmasked” from judgement or sigma.

Finally, we now have “Epiphany”; a long awaited trailer song performed by Jin. This video seems to be the most simple of the three as we witness Jin in a never-ending time loop. Moving between glancing through a mirror, a window and ultimately walking through the rain on his own; Jin seems to wear a solemn look on his face. Of course, this is nothing in comparison to the loud, colourful “IDOL” but with “Serendipity” and “Singularity” in mind; this may be the moment of acceptance. Jin is in his own secluded emotions, alone and in a continuous cycle that rarely breaks. His moment in the rain may in fact be his epiphany when he stops and embraces the rain that falls on him. If looking fully into each imagery, rain may also be seen as cleansing away the sadness felt in one’s singularity but all focus is on Jin and his admired acting. He first begins walking out but after, the scene repeats again with a different outcome; Jin wonders towards the window in reflection before walking back out. What is interesting is that after the scene, it flickers back to an image of him during the “Most Wonderful Moment in Life” universe before it fades back to the entire group. This universe is still expanding but this may be the segment of its tale of which the members are at peace after the events that unfold. There is no more sadness and no more reason to hide; they can finally love themselves for who they are, which is highly celebrated in the bright curtain call of “IDOL”.

There is so much more to the world of BTS that meets the eye so theorists, go wild in the comments and on our social media if you believe something is missing. However, as time goes on and the Love Yourself World Tour goes into full swing, maybe more will be revealed as BTS arrive for their first British concert in London later this year.  Until then, if you haven’t checked out their latest release; “Love Yourself: Answer” is now available to buy on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.


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