For the longest time, Korean music has gathered an ever growing following over the years. While some of the biggest names in the industry have made a handful of successful achievements that shouldn’t be easily dismissed, it is noted that other than the viral success story of PSY, there hasn’t been a artist or group that surpassed it. Until of course, BTS’ popularity grew exponentially around the 2016 mark and they have rapidly become an international sensation that has been sweeping across the globe. Nowadays, if the topic of K-Pop were to ever crop up in a conversation with non-fans, the Big Hit group is one of the first names to be dropped.

BTS is a prime example of a group that has extended their grasp over the US and UK, both countries have proven to be difficult in developing success that most Korean artists could only dream of achieving. They have paved a long path of triumphs in such a short space of time and this week, they went on to be the first Korean group to appear on Vodafone Big Top 40 chart at #36. It’s one of the UK’s biggest chart shows, which only goes to show just a fraction of the impact that they have made.

As another week had passed, leaving the Official Chart to refresh once more, it has revealed yet another fantastic achievement for the boys. The repackaged album itself ‘Love Yourself: Answer‘ peaked at #14 while the title track ‘Idol’ also featured in the Top 40 chart at #21, making it BTS’ debut song on the chart! And seeing as it happened on Jungkook’s birthday, it seems like a fitting present to the maknae to celebrate his 21st!


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