After Leo’s recent solo debut, it’s been announced that VIXX LR will be bringing their tour to Moscow on the 14th November this year! This comes after a series of successful ‘Eclipse‘ concert dates for the subunit duo in both Japan and Korea in January.

As seen in the post from Spika Concert Agency, the event will be held at Glavclub Green Concert. Whilst there are only these few details on the concert at the present time, it will be held just four days after Ravi’s final show in Paris when he tours with Young Bros in November.

SPIKA Concert Agency представляет: Проект VIXX LR объединил вокалиста популярного корейского бойз-бэнда VIXX LEO и рэпера RAVI. Совместными усилиями они записали уже два альбома: «Beautiful Liar» (2015) и «Whisper» (2017). Обе пластинки получили восторженные отзывы критиков, а сам союз стремительными темпами набирает популярность не только в Азии, но и по всему миру. В 2018 году VIXX LR отправляются в тур, который получил название «Eclipse» («Затмение») – описывающее уникальное явление, когда тени луны и солнца пересекаются друг с другом. LEO и RAVI, каждый, обладают совершенно разным обаянием, в результате чего их совместное выступление имеет особенную силу, представляя собой уникальную синергию. Выступления VIXX LR – это идеальная хореография, эмоциональное шоу, сильные голоса и очарование молодых азиатских звезд, успевших влюбить в себя десятки тысяч слушателей по всему миру. В России VIXX LR выступят впервые – их концерт станет настоящим сюрпризом для всех любителей современной корейской музыки! 14.11.18 – Moscow @GlavClub Билеты на сайте

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Their last comeback, ‘Whisper‘, saw VIXX LR tackle a laidback R’nB style track, accompanied with a music video just as visually pleasing as ‘Beautiful Liar‘. If this concert tour is anything like their shows in Asia, a variety of tracks from both mini albums will make up the setlist.

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Comprised of members Ravi and Leo, LR has often been called VIXX’s composing unit, with the majority of their songs self-produced. Ravi is no stranger to writing songs, having amassed a whopping 102 credits to his name over his career as in idol. Also producing for other groups such as label mate gugudan and rookie girl group Elris, Ravi has consistently released a string of quality music through official releases and mixtapes. It was no surprise that he made his own solo debut in 2015 with ‘Realize‘, and has gone on since then to release two subsequent mixtapes and have his first comeback. Leo, meanwhile, has been steadily increasing his writing credits since his first self-composed song Cold at Night, which was a track on VIXX’s 2015 single album Boys’ Record.

We’ll keep you updated with further news and ticket announcements. With the promise of a tour, it’s possible that more dates could even be announced in the near future! Russian Starlights, are you excited to see LR arrive in Moscow?


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