In honour of Jimin’s comeback next week, we thought we’d have another #ThrowbackThursday single from her last album ‘19 to 20‘ in 2016 which was released on August 23. The soloist, still considered an active member in the duo ‘15&‘, entered into the Korean music industry as a fresh faced 14/15 year old with an expansive pool of singing prowess.

While she has been promoting as a MC on the popular variety show ‘After School Club‘. Jimin has been showcasing her presenting skills since 2014 and it really does show how much her own confidence has grown in terms of interacting with the guest artists each week and how she keeps up the upbeat atmosphere. So giving credit where it’s due, kudos to you Park Jimin!

If there’s one word to describe Jimin’s personality, she could certainly be regarded as being easy-going. She has no trouble with going with the flow and that’s the vibe we get from ‘Young해‘. It’s a light, upbeat track on the album that gets you in the mood to just dance like nobody’s watching you, to not let the worries of looking like a fool stop you from simply living in the moment. It’s also great to see more collaborations from the album and to listen to the dynamics of both Jimin and Young K in this song.

It also sparks a carefree feeling, a coming-of-age song of making precious memories with your friends that you’d look back on and laugh. Because really, there’s nothing worse than recalling the past and thinking ‘what if’. Even if it was something as simple as what if you had stopped caring about the judgemental stares and just danced with your friends. There will always be people on the sidelines who will sneer at your expense, especially sometimes if you don’t do anything, so just brush it off, raise your head up and get on that dance floor!

Are you looking forward to Park Jimin’s comeback next week?

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