On a dark September day, the nightmares of KPop made their return and begun a new era of their journey. Dreamcatcher have already had an eventful year with MIXNINE and their “Escape The ERA” album but they have finally topped it off with their 3rd Mini Album; “Alone In The City”. The title track “What” showcases their trademark K-Rock sound and a fierce new look but it is already generating tin foil hats and insane theories though the latest music video. The directing seems to move more towards the dance skills among the members but that has not stopped fans imagining how it continues from their Nightmare series.

It appears that the Coven has been split up after the events of “You & I”; the portal appearing in the end of their previous tale possibly launching each member across the city that they are now locked in alone. The book also makes an appearance, with the only link to their past. There is questions that the members have now been launched into the Modern Day, hidden in plain sight but the repercussions of their actions is soon catching up on them, leading them to be lost, alone and afraid. Certain members are found lost among the crowds on umbrellas or wondering alone in the city as if trying to come to terms with reality.

However, there is two slight issues with the city concept that this Comeback brings. One is the controversial trailer featuring Seoul’s “Bridge of Life”; removed due to the reference to suicide and anxiety. Happy Face explained that the trailer was to showcase images of stress but there is very little placement for this theory within the Dreamcatcher story arc – unless it was linked to the second red herring; the two teaser videos with members Yoohyeon & JiU.

At the beginning of their tale, JiU was seen as the main figure of the Coven; the ghostly figure that defends the group from the men who threatened them before – i.e “Chase Me” & “Good Night”. However, she may have never prepared herself from one of her own to turn against her; Yoohyeon. From “Fly High” onwards, she seems to step away from the norm and is taken by what can only be explained as a Spider Queen; a vengeful spirt who may now possibly use Yoohyeon as a host. JiU did attempt to exorcise the spirit from her but the Queen retaliated and this surge of power may have caused the group to be trapped in the modern city. None of the other members may realise what has caused this – possibly seen by Gahyeon’s worry as she rushes into the street or Siyeon’s bewilderment as she wonders the city.

After the events of “You & I”, Yoohyeon may have exiled herself but nothing seems to stop the surge of power as the spirits within her embrace with her Coven power and she changes from the lost witch to a powerful rouge who has turned to the shadows of the “Spider Queen”. Of course, we don’t know what this power could be and these are only theories connected by previous imagery. However, with the reference to spiders throughout the previous eras and also the burning crown, there is suspicions that with this power, Yoohyeon has grown from a friend to a threat to Dreamcatcher. Much to the fact that she woke up to her transformation and towers over the city as the source of chaos. JiU can only stand and stand as her fellow witch and companion becomes her enemy; lost to the darkness she was trying so hard to protect.

Overall, this may be the start of their second chapter or a modern retelling of the story, but we can already pick out some key elements that we can expect to see and build on. Of course, the conflict between Yoohyeon & JiU would continue but now we have the continuation of photographs (i.e the first teaser video and previous videos), reintroducing the concept that was mistaken through the now-removed Mystery Code and most importantly, the crystals. The album cover itself is styled as a crystallised version of the Dreamcatcher logo, the looking glass acting as the portal in “You & I” and the snowglobe that sits beside Yoohyeon’s bed in this video. Maybe this is the source of the evil power that splits the group apart or even is the key to bring them out of the twisted reality of the city. Only time will tell as the story may certainly continue. Until then, Dreamcatcher will be catching hearts once again with another fierce performance and their new album. If you have not embraced the magic, their new album “Alone in The City” is now available on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.


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