We had our first introduction to the soulful singer with K-Pop Star, she was paired up with Yerin to form the sweet duo 15&. Recently, the two put a temporary hold on group activities under further notice, opting to meet again later along the line to once again put plans for music projects. She released her coming-of-age album back in 2016 with ‘19 to 20‘ and just over two years later, the soloist has made her comeback on September 4 with her second self-composed EP ‘Jiminxjamie’.

The sassy and confident co-host of ASC is currently promoting the title track of her album ‘April Fools‘, a song based around the idea of putting on a facade about pretending to care about what her past lover has to say for all the lies he has told, cutting him out of her life thus putting an end to a toxic one sided relationship. It’s bluntly up-front, straight to the point and exactly her kind of style. It carefully portrays her as a strong woman, fully capable of looking after herself. Plus, it’s just an overall great earworm song coupled with her velvety vocals.

The album has recently just entered the charts today at #99 on the UK iTunes chart and also climbed up to #40 in Ireland.

If you’d like to purchase the EP on iTunes, you can get it for £3.99 here, stream it on Spotify here. And whether you haven’t yet seen the music video or would just want to re-watch it, you can also check out the M/V below.


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