Ex-Wonder Girls member Sunmi has been strutting her stuff as a solo artist for a while now. Have you heard her newest track, Siren? Sunmi wrote the lyrics for this number, and it was intended to be a Wonder Girls track, but when it didn’t make the final cut as a group track, she kept it in her back pocket.

During a showcase this week for her new album Warning, Sunmi spoke more about the new song: “Sirens are used as warnings, but I was also inspired by sirens of mythology. They are known as beautiful but frightening beings that lure sailors in with their beautiful voices and drag them to the bottom of the ocean. The reason sirens stuck out to me is that they’re what are used in the most dangerous of situations, and the origin of the word ‘Siren’ is the figure of the mermaid. The song itself has an ambiguous meaning, so I wanted to use the word.”

Sunmi first debuted back in 2007 with the Wonder Girls. Yes, the Tell Me girls! She left the group after three years with them and JYP Entertainment only to hit the study books.

After a three year hiatus, she returned to the charts as a sexy solo artist, with a sweet bum-shaking choreo for 24 hours. While she rejoined the Wonder Girls briefly to make new songs, the group finally disbanded in 2017, and she continues to write and perform solo. Her 2017 solo song Gashina was a huge hit, and she gave a memorable performance with SHINee’s Taemin at last years’ MAMA awards.

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