The remnants of the once nine-member amazement, Girls’ Generation, return as a five-member ensemble to release one of their most catchiest songs yet since their tenth anniversary efforts – “Lil’ Touch”.

Having heavily departed from their bubblegum efforts of “Gee”, “Holiday” and “Oh!” (despite the name being part of the group’s title), “Lil’ Touch” brings out the mature and racy side of Taeyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon and Sunny.

This promiscuous look is further seen in the black and white single artwork that also seems to mistakenly feature a levitating Hyoyeon and an unblended face of Yuri. It seems someone’s getting fired at SM’s design department? But never mind that, don’t let the little blunder distract you from this strong release from one of the greats of K-Pop’s “second generation”.

The song opens with Taeyeon’s strong vocals followed by Sunny, the lyrics of the song focuses on wanting their interest to hurry up and give in to their advances; any mistakes done will result in the advances being cut off quickly. The backing track, produced by, is an up-tempo bop filled with nicely placed blubbering synths and a bouncy chorus that’s sure to get the listener in a dancing mood.

The music video starts off in black and white, much like the album artwork, introducing the members one by one. It then breaks into colour and “Lil’ Touch” begins to play. Girls’ Generation are seen in a myriad of sultry against rich, vibrant backdrops to compliment the theme of the single. The shots are also fast paced and hastily cut to suit the speed of the song.

The single was released on September 5th and is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. Also featured on the single is the soothing tropical house track, “Fermata” alongside the instrumental versions of both songs.


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