With K-pop’s blinding lights, flawless aesthetic and slick dance moves, it’s no surprise that these artists are known to pioneer not only quirky fashion trends but also some of the most eccentric hairstyles seen in the music industry.

From G-Dragon’s ‘seaweed hair’ to some intense colours seen in the spectrum, here are ten of K-pop’s iconic hairstyles:

G-Dragon’s “Seaweed Hair”

Not one to shy away from the quirky and eccentric, BIG BANG’s leader has been known to not only pen chart-topping singles but to reinvent and pioneer K-pop’s larger-than-life style. G-Dragon’s ‘seaweed hair’ certainly made rounds, becoming a parodied look through South Korean TV shows at this time. From bright, eye-catching colours to his iconic seaweed hair during ‘Fantastic Baby’, G-Dragon has possibly donned all hairstyles and hair colours, rocking them every time.

Sandara Park’s “Palm Tree Hair”, “Side Shave”, “Blue Hair”, “Bushy Hair

Sandara Park’s hairstyle has featured some of K-pop’s most iconic and memorable style. Her first appearance in ‘Lollipop’ with her ‘palm-tree’ hairstyle soon became K-pop’s most famous and widely parodied style since 2009. This was not to be Sandara’s only iconic hairstyle though, donning various styles throughout the years that labeled her a pioneer of unconventional trends such as the side shave during ‘I Love You’, which was praised for going against the typical girl-group ‘look’.

Taeyang’s “Kimbap Hair”

Taeyang’s hairstyle in ‘Monster’ broke the internet as netizens saw the uncanny resemblance to a South Korean sushi roll called ‘kimbap’. Not everyone can rock such a bold hairstyle, and we give Taeyang a kudos for pulling it off!

Hyuna’s Blue Hair  

Hyuna is known for her music and artistry that turns the conventional girl group image upside down. After 4Minute’s disbandment, she turned solo, securing her spot as one of K-pop’s most prominent soloists. From blonde braided ponytails, blue to green gradient and blonde space buns, Hyuna’s not afraid to try every style at each end of the spectrum.

Jimin’s Ginger Hair

BTS’s dancer made heads turn as he dyed his hair red during the ‘Run’ era emphasizing his narrowed eyes and graceful moves. This was particularly seen through their cover performance of Shinhwa’s ‘Perfect Man’.

Sehun’s Rainbow Hair

We’ve seen K-pop idols dye their hair in every colour of the rainbow – but how about all of the colours of the rainbow? EXO’s ‘maknae’ got this covered, dying his hair in various shades during ‘Wolf’ era and sending EXO-Ls in a spiral – because how does he make this look good?!

Krystal’s Uneven Stripes

During f(x)’s early years, the group has featured some eccentric hairstyles, including Krystal’s choppy stripes!

BTS Suga’s Mint Hair

Known for changing his hair colour every comeback (colours that uncannily matches the album cover), BTS’ rapper has gone through his fair share of colours that fans worry for his scalp. The most iconic has to be the mint colour during ‘Run’ era! 

Seventeen Hoshi’s Red Hair

Seventeen’s Dance Leader turned heads when the ‘Clap’ music video was released as he led the group’s shenanigans with bright red hair against SVT’s newly-defined aesthetic.

Which hairstyles are your favourites?


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