Boys and Girls of every age; time for stories big or strange! Halloween is creeping up fast and we now on the home stretch for 2018. However, there have been some eerie developments in the K-Pop world which has made October one of the biggest months yet. Here is just a handful of hot tips that have been hitting UKP HQ this month.

TheEastLight vs Media Line case develops!

We have heard many stories of conflict between Artist and their label but very little resort to this. This month sees the official legal proceedings following TheEastLight’s accusations of abuse from their company, Media Line Entertainment. Member, Lee Seokcheol has spoken out publicly about the abuse suffered by himself, his brother Lee Seunghyun and their fellow members, who are all legal minors. There have been reports of physical and mental abuse from producers, staff and even the CEO. Seokcheol tearfully confessed that he was unable to comment to his parents about the suffering, despite suffering from bruises caused by staff. One of these incidents also resulted in a staff member strangling the idol with a guitar string. The other members have terminated their contracts following the news and legal proceedings will continue over the coming months.

AKB48 members depart for IZ*ONE debut!

AKB48 have released their latest single, “NO WAY MAN” this month and it has already gathered millions of views but for fans, it may be a little bittersweet. The central member of this single’s senbatsu is Miyawaki Sakura, who will soon be taking a hiatus and joining Honda Hitomi and Yabuki Nako in being “exclusive to IZ*ONE”; the winning Produce 48 group which will soon debut with “La Vie En Rose” on October 29.

BLACKPINK is in the UK’s Area!

The United Kingdom seems to be a hot spot for BLACKPINK this month. Not only has Jennie been spotted around West London to film her solo debut project, but the girls have also teamed up with British babe, Dua Lipa for “Kiss and Make Up”; a song which has been slaying the UK Charts recently. According to Official Charts, the track made its debut at #36, making BLACKPINK not only the third K-Pop act in the charts but the first K-Pop girl group to be in the UK Top 40. Congratulations, girls!

BTS in the big league and the Big Screen!

If you think the BTS hype train is going to stop, think again! The mysterious billboard that was haunting every US ARMY has now unveiled its secret as being the third Steve Aoki collaboration; “Waste It On Me”. This track will be featured in the DJ’s upcoming album; “Neon Future III” and marks the first song performed by BTS sung entirely in English, despite only Jungkook, Jimin & RM participating in vocals. The song has skyrocketed since release; topping the charts in several countries and also reaching one million Spotify listeners in four hours!

However, that is not the only big BTS story rocking the world. Their Youtube Premium series; “Burn The Stage” is set to be premiered as a feature length film that is set to view in cinemas for a limited period of time. Luckily, for UK Army, it will also be shown in selected VUE, Odeon, Showcase & Cineworld  locations across the country in the month of November so make sure to grab your popcorn and get ready to experience the WINGS Tour once again with access all areas!


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