When it comes to wanting more in a song by your favourite K-Pop artist, a normal thing to do would be to look for a remix on somewhere like YouTube or/and Soundcloud. Be it that of a slow trap mix to a hardcore bootleg, these sites are your best bet for the perfect mix to fit your taste.

Looking back throughout K-Pop’s popularity surge online from the early advancements to the present day, both amateur and professional producers, remixers, DJs have come and gone, with talented names such as Drokas Mashups, Epitome, and DJ Masa now seemingly faded into obscurity or pursuing different projects. If you happened to be a K-Pop fan five or six years ago, you would have probably heard at least one of their online releases alongside the likes of Areia Creations – who still outputs incredible mixes and original material to this day.

One such name, however, has been continuing to stand out from these K-Pop re-hashers for years. With official remixes for big K-Pop names T-ARA, and Seungri for example, it’s no wonder that Ferry, is a popular choice for when finding a remix to suit that extra adrenaline rush needed that wasn’t present in a song before. It can also be mentioned that Ferry is also a part of Seungri’s own-label Natural High Record, while also the CEO of ILIN Records, producer for Cino Entertainment.

Looking at his great achievements as remixer and producer, his remix of BLACKPINK’s debut track “Boombayah”, released just days after the original song, has now currently amassed over 1.3 million views on Youtube. His additions to the song include a beautifully-produced pounding beat that is perfectly built up from start to beat drop.

Ferry has also made two contributions to “The Great Remixes of VI”, a remix compilation of songs by Seungri. The two songs in question being “VVIP” and “What Can I Do”. Let’s not also forget his amazing remixes of “Sugar Free” by T-ARA back in late 2014, which helped served as their official English debut release.

Producing for Natural High Record as well, he’s outputted a string of bops that’s for sure to get a club dance floor on fire, metaphorically speaking of course!

Anticipating and supporting new remixes and songs by Ferry is a must, given his creativity and passion that goes into the production of these spectacular tracks. With his contributions, he has and continues to leave a positive mark on K-Pop’s global spread and the international electronic dance music scene.




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