WIth BTS taking the Western world by storm and putting the spotlight on Kpop, here are ten more K-pop boy groups with their own distinct styles, charming members and music of every genre that will surely have something for you!


The thirteen-member boy group is divided into three sub-units, each with a different area of specialization: a ‘Hip-Hop Unit’, ‘Vocal Unit’, and ‘Performance Unit’. Seventeen has released two studio albums and five extended plays.

Hip Hop Unit

Performance Unit

Vocal Unit

Nu’Est (W)

The quintet made waves in 2012 with their first single “Face” which gained attention for its anti-bullying message.

Four members appeared on Produce 101, garnering support from the audience as the veteran group competed against fresh-faced idol trainees. Though only member Hwang Min-hyun made the final cut, taking a hiatus from Nu’Est to participate in Wanna One.

The four other members returned with their new single “Where You At,” under the moniker Nu’Est W, emphasizing their “wait” for Hwang to complete their quintet, topping Korean charts.


MONSTA X was formed through No Mercy, a 2014–2015 show where competitors faced off to make it into the next group organized by Starship Entertainment.

Known for their dark and dystopian music videos, MONSTA X also has their sweet moments with songs like “Newton”. They recently held their first concert in the UK back in June 2018.

A comeback looms in the horizon, and the group has started releasing teaser photos:


Under JYP Entertainment, the seven-member boy group boasts members from South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and the US.

NCT (127, Dream, U)

NCT — or Neo Culture Technology — is the umbrella name for the latest batch of boy bands from SM Entertainment.

Adopting a unique business model, different members perform under the same name, in an effort to create a timeless, multifaceted group that can appeal to different demographics all over the world.


Pentagon is a ten-member boy band formed by Cube Entertainment in 2016.

They were introduced through the Mnet survival show Pentagon Maker. Pentagon released their self-titled debut EP on October 10, 2016.


SF9 (shortened from Sensational Feeling 9) is a nine-member boy group formed by FNC Entertainment and the company’s first dance boy group to debut.

SF9 debuted on October 5, 2016 with the release of their first single album, Feeling Sensation.

Stray Kids

Introduced through their survival show Stray Kids, where the members competed against another group from JYP Entertainment to see who would debut first, Stray Kids managed to keep all nine members even after two members were eliminated.

On 26 March 2018, the group made their official debut with the release of released their full album, I Am NOT, with the title song and the music video for District 9.


This nine-member boy group under Interpark Music was created through the survival program, The Unit. Made up by members of already existing or disbanded boy groups, for most this is a second chance to stand on stage once again. Team leader Feeldog debuted with Big Star in 2012, Euijin joined A.cian in 2014 but left to later debut again in 2016 in as a member of Bigflo, while Daewon debuted in recently disbanded boy group, Madtown.

UNB officially made their debut on April 7, 2018 with Boyhood. They held their debut stage on You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook.


ONF (short for On N Off) is a seven-member boy group formed by WM Entertainment and debuted on August 3, 2017 with an eponymous mini album.

On November 5, the group joined the survival show Mix Nine and all of them passed the auditions. On October 28, Hyojin was revealed as the male center for Mix Nine’s first performance mission: Just Dance. In the live finale on January 26, 2018, Hyojin placed second and Laun placed seventh. The top nine boys of Mix Nine were set to debut later that year, but due to the inability of the individual companies to form an agreement, the project was cancelled.


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