Here we are with the summer finally coming to an end. It’s been one of the hottest on record here in the UK, so now that the leaves are beginning to fall and the temperatures are starting to drop, it’s about time for a little relaxation. Autumn is a time for walking under canopies of golden trees and sipping on those pumpkin spiced lattes. It might be the end of one season, but it’s the start of a new one too. If Spring is the season of rebirth, Autumn is a time for reflecting. Watch as the world around you changes colours! And to top it all off, Halloween comes around at the end of October, all ghost and ghouls and treats.

Fortunately, k-pop has got you covered for all the colours of Autumn. Whether it’s for a lazy afternoon indoors hiding from the rain with a cup of something hot, or feeling the excitement of the end of the year approaching, there’s a k-pop song to match your mood. Autumn is that in-between time after all. Here’s ten of the best to listen to this season.

1. Akdong Musician – Time and Fallen Leaves

How could this list start any other way? Akmu’s ‘Time and Fallen Leaves’ is the perfect mix of wistful and reflective. The gentle instrumentation recalls the sound of wind through trees, whilst the pace gives the song an undeniable sense of hope. It’s the kind of song that reflects the feeling of endings that Autumn brings whilst also looking on to winter without sadness.

Perfect time to listen: Walking down a street lined with trees, their leaves scattered over the floor so you can hear the satisfying crunch as you step through them.

2. BTS – Butterfly (Prologue Version)

It’s long, it’s ethereal, and it’s BTS. Three things that make this version of ‘Butterfly’ just right for this season. It retains the upbeat feeling of the original whilst also mellowing it all out to something that you can easily get lost in. The boys’ voices pull you right in and the soundscape compliments them perfectly; the piano almost Feels raindrops or leaves falling from branches.

Perfect time to listen: On a long walk either with no destination or to somewhere warm. Bonus if you’re wearing a long coat to put your hands in the pockets.

3. Chanyeol and Punch – Stay With Me

The hit OST to TVN’s incredibly popular drama Goblin, ‘Stay With Me’ evokes all the peacefulness of Autumn whilst also hiding an emotional kick underneath its restrained beat. Punch’s vocals soar and Chanyeol’s voice is as rich as ever. This song is certain to bring back a lot of memories for anyone that watched the drama when it aired back in 2016.

Perfect time to listen: Sitting on a bench in a park, maybe with some poetry to hand.

4. Roy Kim – When Autumn Comes

Roy Kim has a distinctive voice that’s been the heart of many an iconic drama soundtrack. The quiet guitar and violin combination in ‘When Autumn Comes’ reflects the title perfectly. It’s relaxing and warm to listen to, and that extra quality in his vocals is quite intimate. The video gives away the way to take in this song; to just listen as you journey.

Perfect time to listen: Riding a bike along a deserted round surrounded by trees. It had to be obvious, didn’t it?

5. Taeyeon – Rain

Really, any of Taeyeon’s Station releases could be featured on this list, and that’s all down to her style. Taeyeon has a way of singing that never feels over the top but showcases her luscious vocals just enough. ‘Rain’ adds a laid-back beat into the mix that sounds almost funky, bringing about that melancholic feeling that’s all too synonymous with Autumn. Not to mention, there’s always enough rain over these months for this song to be appropriate at any time.

Perfect time to listen: Hiding away from a downpour inside the house. If you’re the reading type, a book will add to this song’s relaxed vibes.

6. B.A.P – Coffee Shop

A classic that hardly ever escapes coffee shop song playlists. B.A.P provide chilled out vocals to a backdrop of classy, almost jazz-influenced music. It’s not complex, there’s no build-ups to be found, but that’s exactly what you need for an Autumn track. ‘Coffee Shop’ is the k-pop song form of sharing a coffee on a cold afternoon with friends.

Perfect time to listen: Where else than in a coffee shop? Excellent for those solo study sessions in coffee shop corners too.

7. IU – Autumn Morning

Easily the lightest, most positive sounding song on this list, IU’s ‘Autumn Morning’ shows the other side of Autumn – one with warm sunlight and the thrill of cold winter air approaching. It’s also a great reminder of all the lovely things about waking up in the mornings. As the nights draw in and the sun gets lower in the sky, it’s always nice to find ways to want to wake up in the mornings.

Perfect time to listen: When waking up in the morning and opening the curtains to the golden glow of the sun.

8. Soyou and Baekhyun – Rain

The second song entitled Rain, but one that couldn’t be missed. Autumn is a rainy season! A duet from Sistar’s Soyou and EXO’s Baekhyun, their voices blend wonderfully to give this song a bittersweet feel. Soyou’s breathy vocals in the opening verse really add to this. Meanwhile, Baekhyun’s lower tones are a great contrast and sound deliciously mellow. The music video also stares Ahn Yujin of Produce 48, and now IZ*ONE, so give it a watch for some lovely rainy scenes with her.

Perfect time to listen: Waiting outside in the rain under a large umbrella.

9. APink Eunji and Hayoung – That Spring, This Autumn

As a soon that was written for their fans, Panda’s, APink’s Eunji and Hayoung talk about the time passing between Spring and Autumn and how they’ve been supported all the way through. This song gives some wintery vibes too, with chimes that sound Christmassy. But it’s the warmth that these provide that gives it just the right feel for Autumn too.

Perfect time to listen: Baking sweet treats indoors when the weather starts getting even colder.

10. Lee Hi – Breathe

‘Breathe’ is a very personal song for Lee Hi for many reasons. It’s reflective and very internal. Autumn often becomes a time for reflecting as the end of the year draws year, but the excitement of festivities hasn’t quite arrived yet. Lee Hi’s vocals have so much colour and compliment the simple piano wonderfully. Take a second to breathe and just listen as the world seems to slow down around you.

Perfect time to listen: The moment you need a little reassurance and comfort.








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