UK ARMY have raised £3360 for UNICEF through BTSLDNWristband.

UNICEF revealed the amount on Twitter yesterday, and thanked fans for their hard work.

The fan project consisted of a commemorative wristband. It aimed to be an affordable souvenir for BTS’ concerts back in October. It soon became popular, and UK fans who hadn’t gone to the concert also joined in to raise money for BTS’ UNICEF Campaign. Titled ‘LOVE MYSELF‘, the campaign aims to end youth violence around the world.

Wristbands costed £3. There was also the option of purchasing a PVC alongside the wristband, costing only £2 extra. As a result, the project has sold over 1,500 wristbands.

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BTSLDNWristband took to Twitter to thank everyone involved in the project. They also announced that they will be creating more projects in the future.

The ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign kicked off in November 2017 and is in partnership with UNICEF’s #ENDViolence campaign.

UK ARMY can expect their donations to make a difference, as funds will be used to protect and support child victims. This includes victims of domestic violence, school violence and sexual assault. The charity also aims to educate local communities in order to prevent violence.

If you’d like to know more about the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ Campaign, visit the official website. Alternatively, you can donate here.

Congratulations to BTSLDNWristband and UK ARMY on the success of the project!


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