The Little Prince is back! Super Junior’s Kim Ryeowook will be releasing his second mini album next month, Drunk on Love. Have you watched the teaser for lead track I’m Not Over You yet?

Ryeowook completed his mandatory military service earlier this year, and this is his first solo release since then. It’s a follow on from his first solo album in 2016, The Little Prince. His first album was also the first release under Super Junior’s own label, Label SJ, established by SM Entertainment in 2015 during the group’s 10th anniversary.

Yes, despite his boyish looks, Ryeowook is 31 years old, and an experienced idol – he first debuted in 2005 as one of the 12 original members of Super Junior. He’d only completed a few months as an SM trainee before his debut. He’s also part of Super Junior M, the subgroup that targets the Chinese Mandopop charts.

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Ryeowook’s sunny personality, petite frame and strong vocals have earned him a wide variety of solo projects outside of Super Junior, including TV show hosting, and musical roles. He’s also featured on the popular tune show Immortal Songs 2.

Drunk on Love will be released on January 2nd.

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