Congratulations to Ollie Kendal and Josh Carrott, the team behind “Korean Englishman”! They were one out of three winners at the 2019 Korea Image Awards, hosted by Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) on Thursday.
The awards honoured groups and individuals for promoting the Korean culture abroad. ”Korean Englishman” won the award for the Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge.
The YouTubers are known for connecting the Korean and English cultures. Although they also focus on trends, tourism and education, “mukbangs” appear to be more popular. Carrott says food is “the easiest way to bridge the two cultures” together, and rightly so!
Over the years, they’ve introduced different Korean foods to family and friends. This includes the popular samgyeopsal (pork belly), chimaek (fried chicken and beer) and “fire noodles”. They’ve also interviewed the casts of “The Avengers”, “Deadpool” and “Kingsman”. As a result, they’ve gained over 3 million subscribers. It’s no wonder that the Korea Image Awards decided to recognise their content.
Check out the full list of winners here!
Congratulations, once again, to Ollie and Josh! You can subscribe to “Korean Englishman” here.

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