The songwriters of Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Back to You’ have all been credited as composers of EXO’s ‘Love Shot’. 

This comes after listeners were quick to notice similarities between the two tracks. GEMA, a German government-mandated performance rights organisation, represents sub-publisher EMI Music Publishing Germany (EMI internationally distribute for a number of SM artist) and therefore lists EXO releases distributed in Germany as law insists.

GEMA records for EXO’s ‘Love Shot’ have been updated to include the five ‘Back to You’ songwriters: Louis Tomlinson, Nicholas James Gale (Digital Farm Animals), Pablo Bowman, Richard Boardman and Sarah Blanchard. It is worth noting that this does not mean Louis collaborated on the EXO track. ‘Love Shot’, written by award-winning SM lyricist Jo Yoon-kyung, with contributions from EXO members Chen and Chanyeol, appears to sample Tomlinson’s track.

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Samples should be fully credited upon release, though it appears Tomlinson and his writing team have been credited to possibly avoid further action surrounding plagiarism.

See if you think there are any similarities between the two tracks, below.




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