Hyomin is currently in the run up to release her third mini album during the month of February, following the single of “U Um U Um” last week.

The music video of the single in question has reached the top of the Chinese V Chart, showcasing her constant streaks of success in the country following the disbandment of her previous occupation as member of the much beloved girl-group T-ara Her previous work outside of the group include the recently released “Mango” single, alongside two mini-albums while under MBK Entertainment – Make Up, and Sketch. Both of which had considerable success in Korea.

As part of the T-ara, Hyomin and the rest of the members had numerous of hits since debuting in 2009 with Bo Beep Bo Beep, solidifying their status as an iconic pop group for the ages. The great deal of popularity and catchy bops continued further with “Lovey Dovey” and “Sugar Free” until the group’s contracts with MBK weren’t renewed in 2017.

Apart from her previous group promotions and activities as a solo artist, Hyomin has also stepped into the world of acting, having starred in various TV drama series and films such as My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, The Thousandth Man, and Jinx.

And that’s not all, the talented singer-actress also launched an exclusive clothing collection in collaboration with celebrity stylist Kim Sung-il for G-Market during the summer of 2012.

With a variety of talents up her sleeve, it’s hard to know what this princess of K-Pop is up to next!


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