It’s just one day until the first anniversary of the release for iKon’s hit track ‘Love Scenario‘, so we will be writing up a throwback song for our readers! The YG boy group made their first public appearance with the survival show ‘WIN: Who Is Next‘ all the way back to 2013 and the official lineup was completed after the follow up show ‘Mix & Match‘ had wrapped up. While there was a considerable amount of anticipation leading up to their debut, particularly as they had their origins in one of the Big 3 companies at the time, iKon have had quite the journey leading up to the present day.

There must be a certain level of pressure of being an artist/group in one of the most well-known companies in Korean music, there has to be a level of expectation that these artists need to perform well in order to maintain the reputation of the entertainment company. Looking back at iKon’s track record, they started off strong during their debut year in 2015, however perhaps as a result of their inactivity the following year in the K-Pop sphere in favour of building up strong fanbases in Japan and China, attention from the general public in Korea seemed to dwindle. With their comeback in 2017 showing minimal results, it was clear that a new strategy needed to be looked into for their next release.

Looking back to January 25 2018, iKon won the hearts of the public and ‘Love Scenario‘ became a commercial success in Korea. It charted at #1 on all the main music channels and with the award season currently in session, they recently won ‘Song of the Year (January)‘ at the Gaon Chart Music Awards along with a handful more of awards to commemorate and reap the rewards for the year that they had.

The track holds a pleasant melody throughout, with smooth transitions from soothing vocals to raps that make you bob your head to the beat. The interesting thing about music is how it connects the artists to their fans, how they put a song about a heartbreak into the universe and how it reverted back with double the amount of love. It’s clearly the breath of fresh air that iKon needed to move forward.

The M/V propels into the first scene, a roll of film pedals to life which could indicate his memories playing out from the the following scenes. Jay (formerly known as Jinhwan) is seen carrying flowers two times, which could imply that he has made more than one attempt to rebuild his broken relationship. However, the scene quickly cuts to the group walking away with the flowers lying in a bin, showing that his efforts of trying to salvage the severed bond of his past relationship was futile. However, towards the end of the M/V, it’s brighter and more lighthearted, suggesting that there is light at the end of the tunnel despite the pain from the heartbreak.

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