To mark J-Hope’s 25th birthday, Army united to safeguard Scotland’s red squirrels.
Wildlife action group, Saving Squirrels, received over £600 in donations. As a result, the fandom ‘adopted’ 37 red squirrels, and helped attempts to save the nation’s iconic animal. The fundraiser is one of at least 35 charitable projects created in light of the BTS rapper’s birthday.
UK fans of J-Hope raised more than �600 to help save Scotland's native red squirrels
Behind the fundraiser is 20-year-old languages student, Lisa Ireland. In an interview with The Scotsman, she says J-Hope requested fans donate to charity instead of buying him gifts. She chose to save squirrels, in particular, because the rapper’s baby face reminds fans of the “cute” animal.
She says: “It’s often said that J-Hope looks like a squirrel, especially when he eats and his cheeks puff out! I thought the idea of adopting them was so cute, and then another fan suggested we adopt them for him for his birthday and I agreed and said it was a great idea.”
In response, the Scottish Wildlife Trust, welcomed the project. Rory Some stated that although it is one of their “most unusual requests”, the fundraiser is “fantastic work” by UK Army.
Check out the full interview here.

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