You should be familiar with the term “Stan Loona” by now. as the twelve member girl-band have released their follow up extended play entitled “XX” and title track “Butterfly”!

The song itself is magical hearing experience that plays heavily on spectacular bass drops and synth melodies. What’s interesting in the music video for “Butterfly” is the inclusion of women from multiple ethnicities and backgrounds, whose scenes are woven together as a montage against LOONA’s dancing in order to show that the group’s empowerment radiates far to be experienced by anyone. This also plays into the theory of the “butterfly effect” in which a minute localised change in one focused place can have large effects elsewhere. It seems a first in a while for a K-Pop act to feature multiple ethnicities in main acting roles. AKMU (Akdong Musician) also had ethnicity a primary focus in their music video, “Melted” back in 2014.

Also just one day after release, LOONA’s new single was played on Apple Music’s radio station BEATS1 during a segment that was being hosted by British singer Charli XCX. The girls were also featured on news channel CNN Indonesia, being part of a segment that focused on viral trends across the internet.

Who knows where LOONA’s viral popularity will take them next!




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