With the spring weather on the rise, so are the number of outdoor events! University of Nottingham’s KSOC plan to host their own Running Man event next Saturday!
According to the Facebook event, six teams of seven will compete in a series of mini-games. These mini-games allow the teams to gain advantages for the final game: Name Tag Elimination.
Arrange your own teams before the event, if you wish. But if you come alone, it’s no problem! Teams will be confirmed on the day.
Are you interested? Check out the details below!
Date: Saturday 16th March
Time: 10:00 – 18:00 Meeting Point: Portland Building – University of Nottingham (More details on Facebook) Finish: David Ross Sports Village
Tickets: £10 (Members); £12 (Non-Members)
You can purchase tickets via the university’s SU website. Tickets are limited to three per person.
We hope everyone has fun!

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