With Epik High performing in London tomorrow, here are ten songs spanning the trio’s discography to bring you up to date, ready for their show!

  1. ‘Free Love’ from Map of the Human Soul (2003)

  1. ‘Open M.I.C’ from High Society (2004)


  1. ‘Fly’ from Swan Songs (2005)

  1. ‘Mr. Doctor’ and ‘FAQ’ from Remapping the Soul (2007)

  1. ‘연필깎이’ from Pieces, Part One (2008)

  1. ‘Maze’ from [e](2009)

  1. ‘Over’ from Epilogue (2010)

  1. ‘It’s Cold’ from 99 (2012)

  1. ‘Amor Fati’ from Shoebox (2014)

  1. ‘Here Come The Regrets’ from We’ve Done Something Wonderful (2017)

Bonus. ‘No Different’ from sleepless in_________ (2019)

What’s your favourite Epik High song?


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