It’s always a treat for fans when their favourite Idols release cover versions of hit singles. There are so many to choose from, so I have compiled a list of the best Kpop Idol covers of British songs. I hope you enjoy this list and discover some new cover songs along the way!

EXID’s Hani – “Omen”

EXID member Hani showcases her talent with a solo cover of Disclosure ft Sam Smith “Omen”. Hani takes on an acoustic version of the electronic hit; her soft vocals mesmerizing fans while taking on an almost jazz quality.

IU – “Better in Time”

IU, The Nations Little Sister, performs a delicate rendition of 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis’ “Better in Time”. IU offers a sweet and delicate vocal to the song while harmonising with backing singers. She emits her innocent charm and beloved angelic voice while still portraying the heartache of a break up.

Day6 – “Shape of You”

JYP’s boy band, Day6, get your heart fluttering while singing Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. Although this is the first Ed Sheeran cover on the list, it’s definitely not the last. Suffolk born and raised global superstar Ed Sheeran has become a favourite for many Kpop idols whose fans get to enjoy their rendition of these international hits. Adored by their fans for their humour as well as their talent, the Day6 members take on an intimate approach with their natural rhythm and musical ability. They demonstrate their musical skill with this acoustic cover, which will easily have you clicking your fingers and clapping along with the tempo they have created. The harmonising between all the members could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Hyolyn – “Hello”

Former Sistar member and successful solo artist Hyorin makes the list with Adele’s “Hello”, another British artist you will see more than once on this list. Hyolyn, who is no stranger to ballads, performs her version of the iconic ‘Hello’ effortlessly and passionately. Belting out those world famous lyrics, she definitely does the song justice.

Henry Lau – “Pillow Talk”

Henry Lau expertly performs a piano acoustic cover of Zyan Malik’s “Pillow Talk”. If you are new to Kpop you might recognise Henry from the recently released film, “A Dog’s Journey” but if you have been in the Kpop community a while you will know Henry from the Super Junior subunit; Super Junior-M. While short, this cover of the former One Direction singer is mesmerising. Henry playing the piano and his soothing vocals creates an intimate performance as his voice caresses your ears.

Lee Hi – “Rolling in the Deep”

We were first introduced to Lee Hi 7 years ago when she became one of the runners-up for the first season of Kpopstar. Her powerful performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” impressed the judges and the audience. At only 16 she showcased a remarkable control over her alluring vocals, emitting confidence and commanding stage presence.

Topp Dogg – “Love Me Like You Do”

Topp Dogg, now known as Xeno-T, take to the streets of Paris to film their cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”. The members execute a new choreography and the groups numerous rappers add their own spin to the song with a mix of Korean and English lyrics to new charismatic rap parts. The video feels fun and youthful while they dance around Paris and gives a wholesome feel while watching.

Lunafly – “Thinking Out Loud”

Lunafly members; Sam and Yun have often gifted their fans, Lukies, with gorgeous covers. Many of which are originally by British artists.Their version of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” includes a gorgeous music video. Their thoughtful expressions, tender vocals and perfect ad-libs have created this beloved version. The harmonising between Sam and Yun is breath-taking.Lunafly have covered many British and Irish artists since their debut, some which include former member Teo, although there are too many to list here are a few that are definitely worth a listen:

Westlife – “My Love”
James Arthur – “Impossible”
Olly Murs – “Troublemaker”
Sam Smith- “I’m Not the Only One”
One Direction – “Heart Attack”

Jessica – “How Deep Is Your Love”

Former Girls Generation member Jessica left fans speechless after her performance of “How Deep Is Your Love”, by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris and British production trio Disciples, during her Shanghai fan meeting. Unlike many cover versions which are often acoustic, Jessica wowed her audience with this jaw-dropping performance which also included a new choreography. This song was a perfect fit for her confident and skilful live vocals and her strong stage presence. Although there isn’t an official upload of this performance, this high quality fan cam also displays how much her fans loved it- if their screams are anything to go by!

Winner’s Kang Seung-yoon/ Lee Hi – “Golden Slumbers”

The next song on this list is “Golden Slumbers” by the legendary band The Beatles. There are two separate versions of this cover by YG Entertainment label mates Lee Hi and Winner’s Yoon. Although both covering the same song for an OST, their perception is far from similar. While Yoon takes on a more hopeful tone with rich instrumentals, Lee Hi’s version reflects a more sombre nature with only a piano accompanying her haunting voice.

Hyolyn, Ailee and Jessi – “Bang Bang”

I have one word to describe this performance: FIRE!!! This is my favourite cover on the list and even though this song is only made up of one British Artist, Jessie J, it also includes American singer Ariana Grande and American Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj. So, although it is only 1/3 British, I couldn’t resist including it in this list. Hyolyn, Ailee and Jessi put on an incredible performance of this popular track. The stage radiates energy, attitude and girl power while all 3 female idols perform commanding clear notes with some mind blowing power notes by Hyolyn with Beyonce-esque grunts.

BTS’ V – “Someone Like You”

A birthday present to fans shows BTS’ V take on a melancholy tone with this 2014 self-produced cover song and video of Adele’s “Someone Like You”. A gloomy black and white video mirroring the sad emotions displayed with V’s deep and rich vocals set the tone throughout the whole cover. The contrast between the high and low vocals during the chorus gave me shivers while the soft notes towards the end of the song give the feeling of floating.

VIXX’s Hyuk – “Photograph”

Another birthday present to fans and one of my favourites on this list has to be from VIXX’s Hyuk’s cover of “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. The groups maknae released a retro feel film reel as a gift to his fans on his 23rd birthday. This is a real treat for Starlight’s while also showing the trust Hyuk has with his fans to release such an intimate and personal video. The video parallels Ed’s with home videos and adorable pictures of Hyuk during his childhood, trainee days and even some including his family. His soothing and honest vocals make the song feel even more personal leaving an emotional reaction from Starlight’s.


To finish, I leave you with this short Bonus Clip of Monsta X’s Kihyun and the crowd of Monbebe’s singing “Thinking Out Loud” during their London concert in 2018.


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