Following months of anticipation and speculation, the official debut date for Somi has arrived! The fresh rookie soloist made her return to the K-Pop world as an artist under The Black Label with her title track ‘Birthday‘ and self-composed song ‘Outta My Head‘ on June 13.

Right off the bat, it’s upbeat track which is accompanied with a fun melody that gives of the impression of being carefree in her youth and to not take things too seriously. The rookie soloist revealed in an interview that part of the meaning of this song was about her rebirth from being a group member in I.O.I to graduating to a soloist. This transition allowed her to have the opportunity to make a fresh start.

In turn, it enabled her the chance of celebrating the new life she is starting for herself as Somi. The song ‘Birthday’ may represent a personal anthem to the singer about taking a bright outlook on life, to enjoy her life as it comes and to not let anyone rain on her parade.

Bursts of colour remains consistent in this M/V, perhaps not something we normally assoicate with YG music videos. It’s a party from the start all the way to the end which further echoes the notion of a celebration, making it almost reminiscent of the Western style of a ‘Sweet 16’ party. It looks to be a coming of age video with Somi growing up from being the teenage hopeful in I.O.I to where she is now, so it makes sense that the video reflects this through her sassy and carefree antics.

What are your thoughts on Somi’s debut song?


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