On Friday 12th July, CBBC Newsround broadcasted a segment on Kpop, travelling to South Korea to find out more about it.
The clip, which can be found on their website, begins with NewKidd, a seven-member group under J-FLO Entertainment. As the group just made their debut in April, the presenter asks them questions about their lives as Kpop idols.
One member describes how his members feel like family:
“Rehearsing and living with my bandmates, I feel like I’ve found not just friends but they feel like family too. I’m really happy when I’m with them.”
The video then moves on to discuss BLACKPINK and BTS’ success across the world before visiting a Kpop training school. From this school is iKON’s Kim Donghyuk, and he, as well as the rest of the group, recalled their days as trainees.
“The most difficult thing for me wasn’t the physical training, it was the mental side of it, thinking, ‘will I ever make it?’ Not knowing that is the most difficult part.”
See the rest of the broadcast here. There is also an article on the segment.

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