It’s been another great week for group members stepping out of their full group line up for collaborations and solos. 

Heize released ‘We Don’t Talk Together’ produced by BTS’ Suga

EXO’s Baekhyun released his debut solo mini-album ‘City Lights’ with the lead track ‘UN Village’

Jinho, Hui, Kino and Wooseok of Pentagon released ‘Shout Out’ for the Joseon Survival Period OST

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung released another trademark ballad titled ‘For You’

VIXX’s Hongbin teamed up with MONSTA X’s Hyung Won for the Pepsi collab project single ‘Cool Love’

Nature got colourful for ‘I’m So Pretty’

Among the masses of indie and alternative releases, A-FUZZ released a lounge and jazz-infused instrumental ‘tian mi mi’ with a cute mv featuring animated dogs swimming


Check out the full list of releases below:

07/07/19 HAON BwB
Heize We Don’t Talk Together ft. Giriboy
Gavy NJ See You Again See You Again
RAN 사랑해서 아픈 거겠죠 Home for Summer OST
Pentagon (Jinho, Hui, Kino, Wooseok) Shout Out Joseon Survival Period OST
Byun Jin Sub So Into You Mother of Mine OST
Wynn 널 닮은 너 Perfume OST
WH3N I’ve Been Thinking About It A Lot
SonyunKuro, Pleyn Butterfly
Yoon Juae In a Talk
Sejin Why is my love so difficult
Lazybone Tropical Night
jcneverlonely Every Night Home
08/07/19 Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT) BLUE BXXX
Shin Hyesung (Shinhwa) For You
Sungjin (Boys Republic) moon=door
 Han Kyung Il  그립다 그립다 그립다  Home For Summer OST
 Banhana Always Be The Same  The Wind Blows OST
 Kuro #너를위해발라드도할수있어
Kim Oki Cotard’s Syndrome
Heo Segwa When You’re Sleepy
Untell X Shinyujinssi Hide The Emotion
SLO, Jhnovr, pH-1 Party
DZ Going Down Drugs & Dreams
WEN Danger
Ag∅ Float The Door
Jayci Yucca Mermaid
09/07/19 Hangzoo X Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) Cart
Limitless Dream Play
MeloMance You&I
Cha Yeoul My Hope Designated Survivor: 60 Days OST
I’ll Poison Partners for Justice 2 OST
Juntae (TREI) Someday Perfume OST
Red House Stop The Rain
Lulilella Dive
Chance Escape
Catchup, JOZU Falling
ESAE groove
10/07/19 Sori I Am Not Alone
Baekhyun (EXO) UN Village City Lights
Hongbin (VIXX) X Hyungwon (Monsta X)  Cool Love  The Love of Summer: The Performance – Pepsi Kpop Collabo Project
Nature I’m So Pretty
Yang Da Il My Love
Busters Starlight 
Arran Puzzle Puzzle 9 Pieces
Sorae Can I Let You Go
Chanjuicy Firework
Olltii To All the Uneducated Kid’s Too  Diss track directed at Uneducated Kid
Uneducated Kid Uneducated Kid Vs The World Response to Olltii diss track
Roman Kayz Bounce!
EUI-KEUN Make Me Fool
11/07/19 1TEAM Rolling Rolling JUST
Paul Kim Try
Lee Da Hee When I See You on TV Search WWW OST
SS2S Lee Giant Tree
87dance Smokin blue
Platform Stereo Starfall
Cadejo Us
A-FUZZ tian mi mi
RAINBOW99 Monkeyhouse, Night
Yellopumpy Overnight / ICE LIKE U / BOAT / TOKYO Bohemian Rapsody
Dbo Turn Up
MBA Party Monster
Crucial Star Loving her and making her happy are two different things
Junoflo Acid Freestyle
12/07/19 Yoomin (Melody Day) You Don’t Know Me
Wish Girls Yours is Mine
Jang Sang Keun 전하지 못할 말 A Place In The Sun OST
Jang Hye Jin 물거품 Love Affairs in the Afternoon OST
Park So Sun All of My Love Shady Mom in Law OST
Tamiz hoian in the rain
Damndef & Lobotome Need for Speed
Sundayrest Summer Night Blue !
Woodie Gochild, ZENE THE ZILLA YA-TA
SAN E You’re Working Hard San Chong Born 1985
Parallel interlude dri:m tune
Nody Cika Walk Along
dKash, Y1ee Who Taught You That TKM
Jinbo Don’t Know King of Hip Hop OST
13/07/19 Ga Eun Snooze ft Hash Swan
Bosudong Cooler 0308
Han Yo Han Broken Pieces
Jo Woo Chan Reality Check ID Schoolboy Pt.1



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