This month saw a new addition to the generation of Produce 101 groups. Following in the footsteps of I.O.I, Wanna One and IZ*ONE; the latest season created the eleven-member project group, X1.

Going through a strenuous process in “Produce X 101”, the trainees are now reportedly set to make their debut on August 27th and perform their first official performance in Gocheok Sky Dome – the same venue where Wanna One began their journey two years ago. The process is set to be slightly different as the group will be performing for a total of five years; first as an exclusive group and then being able to work within their own projects during the second half of their duration.

The August debut is soon upon us but before X1 make their debut; let’s look back through the ranks and get to know each member of the group and their origins.

#1: Kim Yohan

Yohan is set to be the lead rapper and is representing OUI Entertainment, the same label who manages soloist and “Produce 101” alumni Kim Donghan. Since the start of the show, he won over the audience’s hearts with his talents & charms and came out on top as Rank #1 – earning the high title of the group’s center member that was originally held by I.O.I’s Somi, Wanna One’s Daniel and the currently active IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung.

#2: Kim Wooseok

Wooseok was revealed to be ranked second in the group and will be acting as the lead vocalist. His representation follows a familiar tradition within the “Produce” series of existing Idols joining the show to refresh their career and show their worth. Known to fans as Wooshin, he is a member of TOP Media’s boy group, UP10TION who follow in the footsteps of TEEN TOP and 100%. Both Wooshin and his fellow member, Wei (Lee Jinhyuk) took part in the show but unfortunately, Wei just missed out on X1 as he ranked 12th place in the competition.

#3: Han Seungwoo

X1 has a large representation in Idol Groups this year as UP10TION are not the only unit with a member in the group. Seungwoo is a member of VICTON; the boy group who alongside APink is signed under Play M Entertainment. Ranked third, he was chosen by the fellow X1 trainees to be leader of the group during their first broadcast on VLive.

#4: Song Hyeongjun

Representing Starship Entertainment, Hyeongjun was voted as the forth member at the young age of 16. With every episode, he made fans fall for him with his adorable charms and dancing abilities; even charming IZ*ONE in a cute rendition of “Produce 48” song, “Nekkoya (Pick Me)”. Hyeongjun is reportedly the lead rapper and lead dancer for X1.

#5: Cho Seungyoun

Next up, we have the member with possibly the longest debut experience in the group. Seungyoun made his first debut in 2014 with the Chinese-Korean group, UNIQ who are well known for the track, “EOEO” and singing soundtracks for Madagascar Penguins & the Ninja Turtles. Under the names, Luizy and WOODZ; he has also made a name for himself as a solo artist before joining the X1 cast-list.

#6: Son Dongpyo

Dongpyo is representing DSP Media who has a long history of top artists such as KARA, KARD and SS501. hIS Produce journey began on a high as he became the center of the show’s title track, “X1-MA”. Now as an officual group member, his position will be a Sub-Vocalist and the Lead Dancer alongside Hyeongjun. Dongpyo has also gained internet recognition through the dance Youtube channel, ARTBEAT including covers of BTS’s “Anpanman”.

#7: Lee Hangyul

Hangyul is not a stranger to survival shows. As a member of the MBK Entertainment group, IM; he took part in the Idol Reboot show, “The Unit”. Unfortunately, he did not join his fellow IM team-mate, Kijung in UNB but he did rank seventh in X1, joining as the main dancer of the group.

#8: Nam Dohyon

Aged just fourteen, Dohyon is the youngest member of the group. Last year, he took part in “Under Nineteen” and placed twelfth. However, don’t estimate his youthful appearance as he has took down the competition throughout with his rapping talents which has set him to be the main rapper of X1.

#9: Cha Junho

Woollim Entertainment’s Junho is next on the roster in the ninth position. He made a lasting impression with his fellow label trainees by performing INFINITE’s “Before The Dawn”; valiantly including the Scorpion move that helped the senior group make their mark. Although there were small flaws in the label’s auditions, Junho grew from strength to strength to become part of the final line up.

#10: Kang Minhee

Minhee is the second Starship member in X1 alongside Hyeongjun. He did struggle in terms of ranking position throughout the show which brought him to a tearful ultimatum during the concept evaluation stage. That determination paid off when he was voted into the group. Before he becomes a vocalist in his debut, Minhee also starred alongside Yoojin of IZ*ONE for the music video of “Thirst”; a track performed by Starship labelmater, Mad Clown.

Rank X: Lee Eunsang

BrandNew Music’s Lee Eunsang stunned with his visuals from the very beginning, even catching the attention of the mentors and trainees during the audition stages. He steadily grew in the ranks and became the show’s first X Ranked member. Initially, the X Rank was the most vulnerable position for elimination. However, in the end of the season, the Rank X member would be decided by the total number of votes they have accumulated throughout the whole series. As he gained the highest vote total of 3,164,535, Eunsang became the X Member and the final vocalist of the group.

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