Produce series’ latest group X1 has made an impressive debut in Europe.
The 11-member group’s mini-album 비상 : QUANTUM LEAP has charted in a total of 41 countries in Europe, with 20 at the top spot. This includes 14 European countries, such as France, Spain, Germany, Austria, and Sweden. The mini-album also took the top spot in two European countries: Hungary and Russia.
In the UK, the mini-album debuted at no.69 and has since peaked at no.25.
X1’s debut charting has surpassed that of previous Produce groups. WannaOne debuted in 16 countries whereas IZONE debuted in 8.
As well as this, the MV for the group’s debut track Flash has risen up the trending page of YouTube. In Europe, the MV has peaked at no.11 in the UK, no.16 in France, no.21 in Germany and Spain, and no.43 in Russia.
Check out the MV below.

Congratulations to X1 on their European success!

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